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Pamiang social enterprise is an organization established to conserve Pamiang village community, forest, and nature while helping people to have the opportunity and comprehensive income from organic farming. We will use technology as a tool to drive and develop projects.







Organic Farming

Pamiang is a small village in Cheason National Park, Lampang located behind protected mountains and forests. The village is over one hundred years old. And more than three hundred families settled here since the ancestral ancestors.  Most families do agriculture in areas where the national park is designated and only allowed, while also protecting the forest from being destroyed.  Coffee and tea are the main crops that give the best results since the area is rainforest and cold. Today some farms start to grow other crops such as mushrooms, avocados and passion fruits to earn additional income.   Authorities strictly supervise farming in the village of Pamiang, especially not allowing the use of chemicals and pesticides to grow, nourish and increase productivity, which is a strict rule that Pamiang people must follow to protect the soil, the environment in the Village and National park.  However, farmers still have problems and need a lot of help, such as new knowledge of organic fertilizer to increase productivity and reduce costs. Find an organic market that can expand production and provide a fair price. And the opportunities for growing other crops to increase organic farming and create sustainability.


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You can donate to support various of Pamiang social enterprise projects as follows;

Organic farming

Sponsor for new species of plants

Pamiang Children's Scholarship

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Organic Coffee Project

The goal is to covert and encourages farmers of Baan Pamiang to realize the value and benefits of organic agriculture. The villagers will benefit directly from their health by not using chemicals. Improved income and family income, help to communities in the conservation of nature, soil, and water. The operation plan sequence is as follows.


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