Certification: quality assurance

Quarterly 1-3 Plan: This donation will be used to purchase bags, sacks, packages and make a symbol sticker to guarantee the quality or grade of coffee and tea that has been screened and inspected by our social enterprises. This budget will also be used for transportation development. In order to ensure fast

Research : field survey and product quality inspection

Quarterly Plan 1-1: This donation will be used for Explore and do research on coffee and tea field to get the most accurate and clear information. Which will be further expanded in plantation online filed mapping and to proving the information about the quality of coffee and tea to customers from each

Information: develop online maps and provide information by QR Code

Quarter 1-2 Plan: This donation Will be used to create and develop an online map of coffee and tea fields, to provide information directly to consumers such as where the coffee and tea are from, details about coffee and tea trees, age and history of various organic tests to be clearly informed